Training Levels

Training levels allow the user to practice playing in a multiplayer environment versus computer artificial intelligence at various levels of difficulty. This allows those who may become frustrated by online gameplay to be better prepared for the coming experience of playing with other gamers.

StarSiege: Tribes by Dynamix enables people to practice its first-person shooter maneuvers with NPCs at various levels, ranges and numbers. This helps ensure gamers who have difficulty learning how to play that particular game have a chance to practice on their own without fear of ridicule, thus making the game more accessible.


A man with very little hand-eye coordination desperately wants to play his buddy’s favorite first-person shooter, but every time he goes into the online environment he gets destroyed and laughed at by the competition. If the game had training levels that offered varied or increasingly difficult computer AI to fight against, the man would be better prepared at the end of training to face real competitors.