Speed Settings

As a top tier option for those with mobility issues, consider having the ability to slow down the game clock entirely. This allows those with dexterity, precision and strength issues to interface with the game at an easier rate of speed. It also enables those with cognitive disabilities like processing and comprehension disorders to slow the game down so they can understand the game and what is happening on screen at a pace that meets their needs.   

My Football Game by VTree  allows the game to be slowed down to 20% of the default speed allowing those with difficulty moving the mouse easily or reacting quickly to complete the game at a comfortable rate.

It is important to think of the situation like this: although many of us have the ability to function in a game by a specific, universally accepted minimum of difficulty and rate of speed, some people simply can’t keep up with ‘normal speed.’ For these individuals, if the game was slowed down to considerably, they would be able to have as much fun as everyone else.